Luminist Productions

AFTER MIDNIGHT – March 27, 2006
Themes: spring ~ morning ~ nature ~ spiritual awakening

Lui Collins: Spring! (Closer – Waterbug, 2006)

Sarah Bachas: Seasons of Life (Seasons of Life: Reflections in Song – High Haven, 2002)

Pete Seeger: Turn Turn Turn (Greatest Hits – Columbia LP, 1967)

Mark Erelli: Seasons Pass (Hope & Other Casualties – Signature, 2006)

Johnson, Miller & Dermody: Springtime Blues (Deceiving Blues – Orb Disks, 2006)

The Browns: I Heard the Bluebirds Sing (Jim and Maxine and Bonnie – RCA LP, 1957)

Donovan: Lullaby of the Spring (A Gift from a Flower to a Garden – Epic LP, 1967)

John McCutcheon: Wild Rose of the Mountain Medley (Fine Times at Our House – Greenhays LP, 1982)

Johnsmith: Pothole Season (Break Me Open – independent, 2006)

David Camlin: Spring Awakening (Inside Out – Peoplesound, 2001)

Burns Sisters: Dance Upon This Earth (Songs of the Heart – independent, 2001)

Emerald Rose: Come to the Dance (Archives of Ages to Come – independent, 2005) / Lord of the Dance (Variety Playhouse, Oct. 2000 – independent, 2001)

Muckle Flugga: Lord of the Dance (Celtic Labyrinth – independent, 1999)

Patsy O’Brien: Dance Into Dawn (What You Know – independent, 2004)

Joe Crookston: The Sylvan Song (Fall Down As the Rain – Milagrito, 2004)

Atwater & Donnelly: These Woods / Dabbling in the Dew (Where the Wild Birds Do Whistle – independent, 1997)

Jamie Byrd: Heart of the Wood (Garden of Days – Rooster Dog, 2005)

Sons of the Never Wrong: Wind/Tree (Nuthatch Suite – Gadfly, 2005)

BayStreet: Life Divine (ScrapBoot – independent, 1999)

String Cheese Incident: Shakin’ the Tree (October 17th, 2004 – The Backyard, Austin TX)

Simon & Garfunkel: The 59th Street Bridge Song (Live from New York City, 1967 – Sony, 2002)

George Harrison: Here Comes the Sun (Concert for Bangladesh – Capitol, 1991)

Johnny Cash: Keep on the Sunny Side (Newport Folk Festival July 26, 1964 – bootleg tape)

June Carter Cash: Keep on the Sunny Side (Wildwood Flower – Dualtone, 2003)

The Peasall Sisters: Keep on the Sunny Side (First Offering – Varese, 2002)

Gray Sky Girls: You Are My Sunshine (Gray Sky Girls – independent, 2004)

Megan Sheehan: I Saw the Light (Hey Good Lookin’ – North Star, 2002)

Tom, Betty & Nathan Druckenmiller: Bright Morning Star (Morning Star – Little Cat, 2002)

Kristin Sweetland: Bright Morning Stars (Root, Heart & Crown – Arbora Vita, 2002)

Ken Whiteley: Bright Morning Star (Acoustic Electric – Borealis, 1995)

Joni Mitchell: Morning Morgantown (Ladies of the Canyon – Reprise LP, 1969)

Judy Collins: Chelsea Morning (The Very Best Of… – Elektra, 2001)

Tom Paxton: I Give You The Morning (Even A Gray Day – Flying Fish, 2002)

Cat Stevens: Morning Has Broken (The Very Best Of… – A&M, 2000)

Don Gibson: Touch the Morning (Best of…, Vol. 1 – Curb, 1991)

James O’Malley: Who’s That Singin’ (If Only In My Dreams – independent, 2004)

Laurie McClain: Rachel’s Sunrise (The Child Behind My Eyes – independent, 2002)

Melanie: Baby Day (These Nights – Mango Gang, 2001)

Bill Harrell & the Virginians: I Saw the Master This Morning (After the Sunrise – Rebel, 1990)

Van Morrison: Brand New Day (Moondance – Warner Brothers, 1970)

Rick Pickren: Happiness Runs (Planting by the Moon – Big Strike, 2003)

Lynn Harrison: Music Everywhere (Broadview – independent, 2006)

Bob Gramann: Holy Now (Granddad Planted Trees – independent, 2004)

Paul Kamm & Elanore MacDonald: Oak Tree (Like Water – Freewheel, 2005)

Gaia Consort: The Web (Secret Voices – independent, 2001)

The Mammals: Kiss the Break of Day (Departure – Signature, 2006)

Diana Jones: My Beloved (My Remembrance of You – Newsong Recordings, 2006)

Dulcie Taylor: Blackberry Winter (Mirrors and Windows – Black Iris, 2004)

Still on the Hill: Moon of the Popping Trees (Chaos & Calm – independent, 2002)

Tom Rush: The Circle Game (The Circle Game – Elektra LP, 1968)

Joe LaMay & Sherri Reese: When the Fields are White with Daisies (Cumberland Rose – Tall Cotton, 2005)

Hank Snow: Daisy A Day (Hello Love – RCA LP, 1974)

Wilma Lee Cooper: Gathering Flowers from the Hillside (…Sing the Original Carter Family’s Greatest Hits –
King, 2002)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: You Are My Flower (Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Vol. 1 – Capitol, 2002)

Del McCoury Band: Flower Blooming in the Wild  []

Amy White & Al Petteway: The Snows They Melt the Soonest (Golden Wing – Maggie’s Music, 2004)

Dan Wheetman: Light in the Forest (House of a Differen6t Color – Sage Arts, 2002)

Van Morrison: In the Forest (Too Long in Exile – Polydor, 1993)

Nickel Creek: Out of the Woods (Nickel Creek – Sugar Hill, 2000)

Almeda Riddle: Babes in the Woods (Songcatcher II: The Tradition That Inspired the Movie – Vanguard, 2002)

Music for the Goddess: Wizardwood (Goddess Mandala – independent, 1999)

Emerald Rose: Three More Drops (Archives of Ages to Come – independent, 2005)

Robin Renιe: Chant (All Six Senses – Menage a Music, 2002)

Incredible String Band: Cousin Caterpillar (The Big Huge – Elektra LP, 1967)

Reptile Palace Orchestra: If You Were a Frog (We Know You Know – Omnium, 2003)

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Did You Feed My Cow (Ellabration! A Tribute to Ella Jenkins – Smithsonian-Folkways, 2004)

Kid Pan Alley: Zuzu the Dolphin (Tidal Wave of Song – independent, 2000)

Tom Ross: Dolphin of the Night (Reach In This Dream – independent, 2005)

Achemy VII: Forever (White Raven – independent, 2004)

Lacy J. Dalton: The Wanderers (The Last Wild Place – Song Dog, 2004)

Jano Brindisi: Why Did I Come To This Planet (Waterbug, 1995)

Dar Williams: Comfortably Numb (My Better Self – Razor & Tie, 2005)

John Stewart: The Day the River Sang (The Day the River Sang – Appleseed, 2006)

Malcolm Holcombe: Doin’ His Job (I Never Heard You Knockin’ – independent, 2005)

Wayne Scott: This Weary Way (This Weary Way – Full Light, 2005)

Bill Morrissey: Handsome Molly (Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music – Wyndham Hill LP, 1989)

Aashid Himons: Sleeper Awake  []

Lizzie West: Get Up, Stand Up (I Pledge Allegiance To Myself – Appleseed, 2006)

Mark Tolstrup: Root Magic (Root Magic – independent, 2005)

Green Crown: Three is a Green Crown (Washed In Her Blood – independent, 2000)

Voice of the Golden Eagle: Message of Light <mp3 formerly available online> / I Hear the Calling

Donna the Buffalo: Conscious Evolution (2005-02-26 – The Canal Club)

Donna the Buffalo: Riddle of the Universe (Positive Friction – Sugar Hill, 2002)