The Luminist League

The Luminist League
The Church of Gnostic Luminism
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TO CONTACT US... email: please write to INFO [at] LUMINIST [dot] ORG postal mail: please use this address: LUMINIST PUBLICATIONS, PO BOX 20256, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55420-0256 USA.
Use this address to send hard copies to be scanned for the archives, and Books Thru Bars donations. Financial donations are welcome at this address, but please note that checks and money orders must be made payable to our treasurer, Dale R. Gowin. For credit/debit card donations, please use the yellow “donate” button below. telephone: send us an email with your number and we’ll get back to you ASAP. person: we welcome opportunities to meet for face-to-face discussion, but we are unable to offer much in the way of hospitality at the present time.



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