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AFTER MIDNIGHT – March 20, 2006
Themes:  rain  ~ water ~ birds

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Jon Pousette-Dart: After the Rain (Heart & Soul – Little Big Deal, 2005)

Peter Verity: The Healing Rain (Sometimes A Journey – Plastic Bag, 2005)

Judy Collins: I Think It’s Going to Rain Today (In My Life – Elektra LP, 1966)

Nanci Griffith: I Wish It Would Rain (Little Love Affairs – MCA, 1990)

Greg Brown: Nice When It Rains (Dream Cafι – Red House, 1993)

The Samples: When It Rains (No Room – What Are Records, 1992)

Folk For Peace: Rumors of Rain (single – Hypertension, 2003)

Tom Ross: The Rain Takes Off Her Clothes (The Rain Takes Off Her Clothes – independent, 2002)

Christiane Pagι: Ball of Rain (A Sense of Love – independent, 2003?)

Hank Snow: Whispering Rain (The Last Ride - RCA Camden LP, 1963)

Willie Nelson with Ray Price: Soft Rain (Run That By Me One More Time – Lost Highway, 2003)

Willie Nelson with Shania Twain: Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Live And Kickin’ – Lost Highway, 2003)

Brook Benton: Rainy Night in Georgia (Greatest Hits – Prime Cuts, 1995)

Ian & Sylvia: Early Morning Rain (Folk Duets – Vanguard, 1998)

Randy Newman: Every Time It Rains (Bad Love – Dreamworks, 1999)

Paul “Lil’ Buck” Sinegal: Standing in the Rain (Buck Starts Here – NYNO, 1999)

Lightnin’ Hopkins: Rainy Day Blues (Country Blues – Tradition, 1996)

Anne Hills & Michael Smith: This Rain (Paradise Lost & Found – Redwing, 1999)

Jamie Byrd: Rain (Garden of Days – Rooster Dog, 2005)

Merrie Amsterburg: Season of Rain (Season of Rain – Zoe, 1999)

Ashleigh Flynn: Rainy Days (Ashleigh Flynn with Sneakin’ Out & Special Guests Live – Home Perm, 2006)

Andrew Calhoun: Rain (Shadow of a Wing – Waterbug, 2004)

Joe Crookston: Fall Down As the Rain (Fall Down As the Rain – Milagrito, 2004)

Peter Meyer: Ocean Mary (Earth Town Square – Blue Boat, 2002)

Jerree Small: 60 Words for Water (Mobius – independent, 2004)

Incredible String Band: Water Song (The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter – Elektra LP, 1968)

Lui Collins: Step Into the Water (Closer – Waterbug, 2006)

Kim & Reggie Harris: Wade in the Water (Steal Away: Music of Underground Railroad – Appleseed, 1998)

Jackson Browne: Rock Me On The Water (Jackson Browne – Elektra LP, 1972)

Kate Wolf: Stone In The Water (Close To You – Rhino, 1993)

Lynn Harrison: Smooth Stones (Lynoleum – independent, 2000)

LaRae Wiley: Thundering Waters (Dissonant World – independent, 1999)

Joni Mitchell: Cool Water (Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm – Geffen LP, 1988)

Anni Clark: Big Water (Big Water – independent, 2002)

Holly Near with Rhianon: Waterfall (And Still We Sing – Calico Tracks, 2002)

Donna the Buffalo: Mystic Water (2005-02-26 – The Canal Club)

Eric Andersen: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (The Street Was Always There – Appleseed, 2004)

Richard Betts: Rain (Highway Call – Capricorn LP, 1978)

Joe Jencks: Thank God for the Rain (I Hear Your Voice – Turtle Bear, 2003)

Bruce Cockburn: After the Rain (Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws – Gold Mountain LP, 1979)

Mare Wakefield: Cold River (Take Me Home – independent, 2005)

Lee Ann Womack: I Know Why the River Runs (I Hope You Dance – MCA, 2000)

Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman: Deep River Blues (2004-03-05 – Skelton Lounge, Bate College)

Vince Gill: Whippoorwill River (Next Big Thing – MCA, 2003)

Sharon Edry: Blue Rain (Semi Broken Heart – Elizabeth, 2004)

David Gilmour: A Pocketful of Stones (On an Island – Columbia, 2006)

Ruthie Foster: Ocean of Tears (Runaway Soul – Blue Corn, 2000)

Colleen Geraghty: Spirit Canoe (Deep Ravines – independent, 2004)

Kip White: Water (Places – independent, 2004)

Paul Kamm & Elanore MacDonald: Like Water (Like Water – Freewheel, 2005)

Pat Wictor: Love is the Water (Waiting for the Water – Risky Disk, 2004)

Eve Goldberg: Crossing the Water (Crossing the Water – Borealis, 2003)

Lui Collins: Swimming to the Other Side (Leavimng Fort Knox – Molly Gamblin, 2000)

Tony Gilkyson: Since the Well Ran Dry (Goodbye Guitar – Rolling Sea, 2006)

The Byrds: You Don’t Miss Your Water (Sweetheart of the Rodeo – Columbia LP, 1968)

Peter Tosh: Till Your Well Runs Dry (Scrolls of the Prophet: The Best of Peter Tosh – Sony, 1999)

Folks Together: Wishing Well (Pilgrims – Folksounds Ltd., 2005)

Joel Mabus: Snow on the Water (before Their Time, Vol. 3 –

Nadine Laughlin: Pray for Grace (Beautiful Mystery – independent, 2003)

Incredible String Band: Ducks on a Pond (Wee Tam – Elektra LP, 1968) / White Bird (Changing Horses –
Elektra LP, 1969)

David Camlin: Bird <mp3 formerly available online>

John Lennon: Free as a Bird (Free as a Bird: The Dakota Beatle Demos – Vigotone, 1996)

Emmylou Harris: Little Bird (Stumble into Grace – Nonesuch, 2003)

The Browns: Lonely Little Robin (The Browns Sing Their Hits – RCA LP, 1960)

Lui Collins: Red Red Robbin (Closer – Waterbug, 2006)

Marvin Rainwater: Gonna Find Me a Bluebird (Classic Recordings – Bear Family, 1997)

Roscoe Holcomb: Little Birdie (Songcatcher II: The Tradition That Inspired the Movie – Vanguard, 2002)

Ola Belle Reed: Little Birdie (The Land Of Yahoe – Rounder, 1996)

Darcie Deaville: Little Birdie (Plays the Fiddle and Sings – Taller Dog, 2003)

Lui Collins: All the Pretty Birds (Closer – Waterbug, 2006)

Dolly Parton: Little Sparrow (Little Sparrow – Sugar Hill, 2001)

Lys Guillorn: Little Wren (Little Cowgirl – independent, 2003)

Katy Moffatt with Dave Alvin: The Cuckoo (Loose Diamond – Hightone, 1999)

Cherish the Ladies: Broken Wings (New Day Dawning – Green Linnet, 1996)

Porter Wagoner: When the Silver Eagle Meets the Great Speckled Bird (The Best I’ve Ever Been – Shell Point,

Ken Whiteley: Let Me Fly (Acoustic Electric – Borealis, 1995)

Dixie Chicks: Let Him Fly (Fly – Sony, 1999)

Kim & Reggie Harris: Now Let Me Fly (Steal Away: Music of Underground Railroad – Appleseed, 1998)

Guy Clark: To Live’s To Fly (Poet: A Tribute To Townes Van Zandt – Free Falls, 2000)

Andrews Sisters: Straighten Up and Fly Right (50th Anniversary Collection Volume Two – MCA, 1990)