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IX. Tantra: The Highest Worship



Sexual Energy = Holy Spirit 

The Church of Gnostic Luminism will recognize and acknowledge that human sexual energy is a supremely sacred manifestation of the creative life energy of the universe, having in and of itself the actual presence of the highest Divinity. It is the magic that makes new life emerge into the world.

The Body is a Temple

The human body is the temple or dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, according to the Christian New Testament (I Corinthians 6:19). In the Luminist view, the “Holy Spirit” is the spirit or energy of life itself, the intrinsic source and fountain of all Holiness (and the source of satcitananda or “being, consciousness, and bliss”).

Sexual energy (the “libido” of Freud, the “orgone” of Reich, Eros or Shakti) is the active, passionate, magnetic aspect of the Holy Spirit of Life, the source of the Poetic Imagination and all aesthetic arts, the “Energy” of William Blake.

The organs of generation are the sanctum sanctissimum, the “holy of holies” of the body/temple. This fact is recognized in the Hindu religion, where the lingam and yoni are personified as deities. Worship of the Incarnate Divinity in this most sacred sanctuary may take diverse forms. In the majority of cases they do not involve procreation, which is a sacrament in its own right. Repression of this worship as “sin” is blasphemy and tyranny. Writes Blake:

 Let the Priests of the Raven of dawn, no longer, in deadly black, with hoarse note, curse the sons of joy.

Sexual Morality

Teachings about sexual morality in the Church of Gnostic Luminism will be focused on maintaining conscious awareness of the sacredness of this Living Energy as it manifests in us, while avoiding and eliminating anything that profanes or degrades it. No external moral codes will bind the sovereign individual in this matter, except for the words of the Goddess Nuit in The Book of the Law:

Love is the law, love under Will


...take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where, and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

The Sacrament of Marriage

The sincere desire of sovereign individuals to unite in Holy Matrimony will be honored and recognized by the Church. The sincere desire to end one’s marital relations will be recognized as well.

The Sacrament of Procreation

In Crowley’s Gnostic Mass, the official rite of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholicæ, are these words:

Be the hour auspicious, and the gate of life open in peace and in well-being, so that she that beareth children may rejoice, and the babe catch life with both hands.

Bringing souls into incarnation on Earth is a most sacred duty, and it should be approached consciously, and should be planned and prepared for by ceremonial purification, meditation, and devotion. Acknowledgment of the incarnating entity should be made ceremonially and telepathically. From this secure beginning, the new arrival will have the best chance of getting an early start on the lifetime’s spiritual work, and progress will be made toward the Church’s goal of global Illumination.

Birth Control

The technologies and alternatives of contraception should be freely available to all, beginning at the age of puberty. The Church of Gnostic Luminism will work toward full realization of this goal at all levels of society. Natural cooperative methods of birth control exist, and these will form a standard part of the Church’s curriculum of religious education, along with information about herbal contraceptives.


A sovereign woman has the right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term. The Church of Gnostic Luminism recognizes this right: the State cannot extend its jurisdiction of authority to the inside of a woman’s womb; it is the most sovereign of territories.

However, we also recognize the fact that the fetus is alive even before its life is distinct from that of its mother. The unborn child is usually fully incarnate, aware, feeling, drifting in dream, a coherent “self” by the third or fourth month. Telepathy between mother and unborn child is quite possible and quite real, as many mothers will attest. Abortion is an act of violence that inflicts agony and  trauma on both fetus and mother. The Church of Gnostic Luminism will seek to provide nonviolent alternatives for women in need, including prenatal care, midwife networking, child care, and adoption. Our goal will be to build a secure, “life-friendly” community in which mothers will be encouraged to “give life a chance.” Also, through political action and education, the Church of Gnostic Luminism will work toward social reforms that will provide economic security for all, thereby relieving the desperation that drives many women to consider abortion.

The Tantric Arts

The lore and science of tantric and kundalini yoga includes esoteric techniques of working with the sacred energies of sexuality for mystical or magical ends. This lore forms an essential part of the acknowledged spiritual tradition of the Church of Gnostic Luminism. Instruction in these matters will be made available privately.



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