Church of Gnostic Luminism


IV. Revelation


Universal Truths

The Church of Gnostic Luminism will teach that certain universal truths become clear to anyone who seriously and open-mindedly examines reality by the light of the awakened intuitive faculty.

When universal truths become known to the individual in this way, it is called revelation; truths are “revealed” to the consciousness of the individual.

Just as the same general landscape will be experienced by any tourist who travels to a particular locale on Earth, so the same essential “landscape” of ultimate reality will be experienced by anyone who activates her/his ability to become intuitively aware of it.


The Holographic Universe

Revelation occurs as a function of the holographic quality of cosmic intelligence, or the process by which macrocosmic (universal) mind manifests a perfect replica of itself in each of its microscopic (individual) component parts (as the Sun is reflected in the planes of a prism or in the plethora of morning dew-drops).


False Beliefs Prevent Revelation

Revelation is enabled in the individual to the extent that obscuring false beliefs and false identifications are transcended.

“Ego” — identification with finite/temporal phenomena — is like an accretion of opaque matter on a lens that prevents the transmission of light.

Rebecka C. Berg expresses it this way in her discussion of “salvation” in Life Eternal And Its Work

“It is false belief that the human personality needs to be saved from.”

The same realization is expressed in the language of the Vedas: belief in the reality of the ego and the spatiotemporal dimensions (maya) leads to entrapment, limitation, and enslavement, binding the soul (atman) to the wheel of lives and deaths (samsara); activation of the awakened intuition can open one to the Light of Revelation (samadhi), providing the soul with access to the visionary realization of its ultimate identity with the One Self of All Life (brahman) and liberation (moksha) from this bondage to the illusion (maya).


The Golden Thread

The Church of Gnostic Luminism will assert that universal truth is fragmentarily reflected throughout the religions, philosophies, sciences, mythologies and folk traditions of the world.

Despite an admixture of confusion, delusion, and error in each of these categories, there is a “golden thread” of truth that can be detected in them all.

An essential harmony of agreement will be found among the multitude of traditions on those elements in each which are in fact true.

Screening out the false and retaining the true is the goal of syncretic-eclectic analysis.


No Intermediary

The Church of Gnostic Luminism will teach that there is no need for an intermediary between the individual and the luminous source of revelation (i.e. between “man” and “God”).

We will not presume to act as an authoritative priesthood with a monopoly on access to the Light; rather, we hope to establish our Church as a resource of aid, encouragement, and support that individuals can make use of in their own unique adventures into the realms of Gnostic Illumination.



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