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VI. Our Utopian Future






Post-Revolutionary Society

The human race is evolving toward an enlightened social system based on absolute individual liberty and voluntary mutual aid (i.e. the advent of true civilization). 

The nature of evolution, organic and social, involves alternating periods of rapid advance (revolution) and quiescence or retreat (reaction), as the force for change builds up enough to break its bonds, then surges back to build the next wave. As evolutionary advancement increases, its momentum increases as well, like a snowball rolling down a mountain slope. Eventually its inertia becomes irresistible, a breakthrough is attained, and a major evolutionary milestone is passed.

We are approaching that point today.



In the post-revolutionary worldwide social system, every human individual will be free from coercion, so long as the equal freedom of others is respected...

...and everyone on Earth will have full access to all the resources that Nature and Technology can make available.



The false claim that this Utopia is impossible is passed on as a part of the social conditioning the entrenched power structure uses to keep us enslaved. The globe-spanning State, Church, and Corporate network (“new world order”) maintains its vampiric hold on the people through brainwashing in the media and the state-controlled educational systems, through coercive military/police force, and through monopolization of the necessities of life.

It is the futile attempt of an outmoded evolutionary epoch to stop the clock or roll it back to a more primitive social order.

This is not to be; we can no more hold back the tide of evolution than a child could restrain the onset of puberty.

The few who have indulged themselves in excessive wealth and power at the expense of the many must yield up the reins of the world: their free ride is over.


If it were managed cooperatively, making imaginative use of existing technologies, the world economy could easily provide practically unlimited abundance for all Earth citizens.


In the future, the institutions we know as “government” and “money” — the institutions of repression and exploitation — will no longer exist.

Production will be for use, not for profit.

All goods and services will be offered as free gifts to whoever needs or desires them; without the artificially maintained scarcity of the “market,” there will be ample supply of all things.

All work will be voluntary; the motivation to contribute to the common effort will be the natural human desire to devise, share, and enjoy a better life.

The Organic Metaphor

Post-revolutionary society will be modeled on the biological processes of living organisms.

Each individual will be supplied with all that s/he needs, just as the cells of the body are nourished by the circulatory system.

An electronic information and communication system — of which today’s internet is a preliminary precursor — will utilize computers, satellites, and technologies not yet imagined to connect all Earth citizens with each other and with world society as a whole — as the nervous system connects the brain with all the cells of the body. Every person on Earth will eventually have full access to all of the planet’s libraries and museums, universities and research centers — to the accumulated knowledge of the human race.

Absolute individual liberty and autonomy (sovereignty) will reflect the fact that, in a healthy organism, every discrete unit is automatically self-regulating.

The egoistic “profit motive” (personal advantage at the expense of others) will be replaced by mutual aid (personal advantage that includes the advantage of others) as the primary motivating and organizing factor of society.

This reflects the way the units that make up organic systems work together to maintain the health and integrity of the whole: a cell or organ that disrespects the harmony of the body is diseased.

(As it is written, “Cancer is cellular ego.”)


Consensus Decision Making

Collective decisions in post-revolutionary society will be made by mutual agreement between individuals, communities, regions, trade associations, and affinity groups, which will evolve and dissolve and re-emerge as need and preference dictate.

Agreements will be arrived at by a consensus process, in which every person affected by a decision will have a voice in it, and no arrangement will be binding on anyone who has not voluntarily agreed to it.

The “authority” upon which collective decisions are entered into and enforced will be considered legitimate only if they have the full agreement and consent of every person affected.


“Authority” imposed without consent is tyranny. The tyranny of illegitimate authority may justly be resisted by any means necessary.


Universal Citizenship

Every individual on Earth will be recognized as a Citizen of the Universe, a jurisdiction which supersedes all lesser constituencies such as nation, race, class, or gender.

As an attribute of this citizenship, every Earth-dweller will have equal rights of inheritance to the world of her/his birth.

This implies an absolute right to a fair and equal share of the benefits and resources wrought from Nature by the collective efforts of humankind.

Under true civilization, the social and economic structures of Earth will be considered a joint enterprise — a “corporation” of which every Earth citizen is an equal “shareholder” by right of birth (but without a “corporate hierarchy” — self-regulating at every level).

Instead of collecting taxes, society will distribute “dividends,” shares of the accumulating “profit” or mutual benefit.


No person may be legitimately denied access to the necessities of life, including food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education. Any social institution (“public” or “private”) that denies any person access to the necessities of life is committing a criminal act, and it is the right and responsibility of all Earth Citizens to “alter or abolish” such criminal social institutions.


The Mandate

The Church of Gnostic Luminism will recognize and affirm that it has a Divine Mandate to aid, encourage, and support, in every possible way, the quickening of social evolution (i.e. the social revolution) that will enable us to implement the Organic Social System, as outlined above, on Earth, at every level of society. Each individual within the Church of Gnostic Luminism will have the responsibility of honoring this Mandate according to the promptings of each one’s own Gnostic Illumination.

No action, word, or thought, however slight, is wasted; in every case it either aids or impedes the work of spiritual and social evolution (revelation and revolution). As it is said: You are either a part of the solution, or a part of the problem. It will be our challenge, and our delight, to ensure that our every moment of consciousness is consecrated to the Great Work to which we are committed.


The Gnostic-Luminist Strategy

The Work of personal and social (R)EVOLUTION will be accomplished by facilitating in every possible way the voluntary self-illumination of increasing numbers of human beings, so that the holographic vision of Universal Consciousness and recognition of the common identity of all life will be effected in more and more members of the human family.


The Singularity

When a requisite percentage of the human population of Earth (a critical mass of humanity) attains Illumination, a quantum leap of evolution will be triggered.


The Planetary Mind

A massive evolutionary acceleration will begin as Illumination spreads like wildfire around the globe, linking minds into the telepathic network of the planetary neuropsychic grid.

A shock will run through the neuroplasm of all sentient beings as the simultaneous vision strikes everywhere at once.

The “group mind” of all Earth-life will blink awake for the first time.

At that point, the human race will undergo an Initiation or coming-of-age ceremony.

Our long racial childhood will have ended.


Beyond the curve of infinity...

Global telepathic communion and simultaneous worldwide Illumination will trigger a chain reaction of increasingly rapid innovation, leading inevitably to a cataclysmic and orgasmic event of a nature that we cannot yet imagine.

We refer to this coming Event as “the Singularity” — a term borrowed from interstellar physics, which there refers to the space and time warping gravitational effects of a Black Hole.

The most we can say about this event is that it will probably involve a transformation of spaciotemporal reality into something new and strange... a new order of being that transcends our present capacity for rational understanding (although visionary glimpses of it have been attained by millions of mystics, Luminists, and psychedelic pioneers).

Likely many who are not prepared will not survive the shock of transition.

The enigmatic apocalyptic prophecies of the many religious traditions are foreshadowings or retro-temporal (tachyonic) reflections of this Event that looms ahead of us.

It is as inevitable as the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly.




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