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Court finds Lisa Bieberman guilty of federal drug charges
The Harvard Crimson, November 18, 1966


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Miss Lisa Bieberman, ’63, a disciple of Timothy Leary, was found guilty yesterday in U.S. District Court of violating federal regulations on drug shipments. The honor graduate of Radcliffe was charged with shipping LSD-impregnated sugar cubes to Los Angeles and Lawrence, Kansas, in December of 1965. This case marks the first time that anyone has ever been tried in New England on charges of making shipments of LSD.

Pleads Innocent

Miss Bieberman pleaded innocent to the four count charge. Her attorney claimed that she was the victim of entrapment. A U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspector in Los Angeles had written her under the assumed name of “Larry Talbot,” requesting that she sell him LSD. As soon as she did so, proceedings were started against her by the federal government.

Drug’s Dangers

Judge Francis J. W. Ford heard testimony at the three-day, jury-waived trial that uncontrolled use of LSD can lead to mental depression and accidental suicide.

Miss Bieberman operates a Psychedelic Information Center out of her home. She also publishes a nation-wide LSD newsletter.

The four counts to which Miss Bieberman was found guilty carry a total maximum penalty of four years imprisonment and a $4000 fine. Judge Ford has deferred sentencing until early December.

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